Joshua Riding Club

                                                                           Membership Application



Full Address_______________________________________________________________________________

List other family members:

Name                                                                                      Relationship                                 D.O.B.

Occupation_______________________________________  Employer & Phone#_____________________________  
Have you ever belonged to another riding club?____________  For how long?______________
If yes, name of club and district_________________________ Do you still belong to a riding club?_____________
Give reason for leaving other club.__________________________________________________________

Do you agree not to drink alcoholic beverages while participating in any form of club activities? Also, to help work the events and concession stand?_______

Please, list three personal references:

Name                                                      Address                                 Phone                     Employer

Who in Joshua Riding Club is sponsoring your application?______________________________________

Please, read carefully: Initiation fee of $10.00 per family to Joshua Riding Club and $30.00 National dues to The National Association. A total of $40.00 must accompany this application. If your application is not approved for membership the full amount of $40.00 will be refunded. Monthly dues are $10.00 per family or $100.00 per year if paid in January. If National Dues are paid in another National Association District please indicate above and only $10.00 is required with this application.

I agree that I do not hold The Joshua Riding Club, National Association of Riding Clubs and Sheriffs Posses, or any member there of for any accident or injury, personal or physical to me or any member of my family or property. It is understood that I or any member of my family who takes part in any of the club or association activities does so at their own risk.


Date voted into the club:___________________