I / We hereby submit application for membership in Wise County Wrangler’s Riding Club.  I / We have read the By-Laws and agree to respect and abide by said By-Laws. 

 Family Last Name:                                                                                                                              



 Email Address:                                                                                                                        


                        Signature                                                                                                         Date

 Family Members:                                                                                                         Date of Birth:


            male head of household 


              female head of household 


              Child #1               


              Child #2 


              Child #3 


              Child #4 


              Child #5 

Wise County Wrangler dues are $25.00 per year per family membership.  Dues renew each October. 

National Association of Riding Club & Sheriff Posses (District 2) dues are $35.00 per year per family membership and renew each November.

                                                                           Club Dues  $25.00  attached ?    ______yes       ______no

                                                          National Association $35.00   attached?    ______yes       ______no

Sponsored by:___________________________

(sponsor must be present at meeting for consideration of application/applicant does not attend meeting)


Membership Approved:                    _________yes    _________no      


Effective Date of membership:       _________Time:___________


Applicant notified: ______yes   _______no       Date of notification:________________ Officer Initials:________



Completed application with membership dues may be mailed to:

Teresa Barton 440 Kincannon Ln Rhome Texas 76078 (817)636-2026